AiraCell Free Powder

  • Our exclusive Heme-Iron Polypeptide effectively supplements iron and supports reserves
  • Antioxidants and B complex vitamins decrease recovery time, allowing your horse to perform at their best every day
  • Great for daily maintenance of performance horses
  • Cobalt free formula is specifically designed to meet the regulatory requirements of racehorses
Meeting the unique needs of our race and performance horses can be a difficult task, but an essential one if we’re to guarantee their longevity and maximize their ability.  The AiraCell Free formula utilizes our exclusive Heme-Iron Polypeptide to supply much needed iron reserves for red blood cells and support much needed oxygen transfer.  Added B complex vitamins and antioxidants combine to improve recovery times and ensure that your horse can perform at the highest level each day.
Specifically designed to sustain the rigorous needs of horses in training, speed event and track horses, the AiraCell Free powder formula is designed for daily supplementation while the convenient gel is perfect for pre-event dosing.  Cobalt free, this supplement meets regulatory guidelines for racehorses and others competing under specific guidelines.  Apple and molasses flavor!

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Orally administer one, level 6 gram scoop daily to adult horses. For the first two weeks of use, give recommended dose twice daily. 6 gram (9 cc) scoop included.
For use in horses. Consult your veterinarian on the use of this product. Keep away from children and other animals.
Store in a cool, dry place.
See label images for complete ingredient information.


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